Quincy City Council Postpones Indefinitely a Health Care Resolution

The Quincy city council made a significant decision during their Monday night session by tabling a resolution that pertains to health insurance plans for the remainder of the calendar year. The focal point of this resolution revolves around the potential collaboration with the American Public Life Insurance Company (APL).

This pivotal move follows a crucial two-hour special meeting that took place last week, during which the city’s insurance consultant delved into the pressing issues surrounding health coverage for city employees. The concerns raised during this meeting prompted action and discussion within the council.

During the session, 4th ward Alderman Michael Farha proposed an alternative motion, suggesting the termination of the current relationship with Coalition, the city’s existing health insurance provider. Farha firmly voiced his stance, emphasizing the need for a change. “Police were right last week when they raised this issue; it’s time to end this relationship,” he asserted. He also expressed confidence in the city’s capabilities, stating, “In the intervening time period, our own employee who is an attorney can pick up the slack, Sherri can pick up the slack, and if we can’t do it ourselves, then we aren’t set up right. We have to handle some of this ourselves.”

Ultimately, the council decided to table the measure indefinitely, signifying the importance of thoroughly considering their options before reaching a conclusive decision. Aldermen made it clear that they require a detailed financial breakdown of the current arrangement between the City of Quincy and their current contracted health insurance provider before they feel comfortable voting on the resolution with APL.

This move to table the resolution reflects a conscientious approach by the Quincy city council to ensure that the best interests of their employees and the city as a whole are met. The deliberative nature of their decision emphasizes the importance of making informed choices when it comes to health insurance plans for city employees, a matter that directly impacts the welfare of both workers and the city’s finances. As the council continues to weigh their options, the fate of their health insurance provider remains uncertain.

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