What to See on Tuesday: Disney+ Eventually arrives with’The Mandalorian’ and a whole lot more

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We know TV has a lot to give, be it network, cable, premium channels, or streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, Facebook Watch, and many others. So EW is here to help, guiding you every single day to the things which ought to be on your radar. Check out our recommendations below, and click here to find out ways to stream our picks via your own voice-controlled smart-speaker (Alexa, Google Home) or podcast app (Spotify, iTunes, Google Play).

The Mandalorian

HOW/WHEN & WHERE TO WATCH: Streaming on Disney+

Series Debut
The Mandalorian is the latest Star Wars title along with the first-ever live-action drama series in the blockbuster sci-fi franchise, so maybe what is most surprising would be the show’s retro vibes — the Disney+ series feels like 1977’s A New Hope, just instead of after Luke Skywalker because he kicks around Tatooine you are seeing a mysterious bounty hunter (Pedro Pascal) following the fall of the Galactic Empire. “What happens after a revolution?” Inquires showrunner Jon Favreau (The Lion King). “After the celebrations are over, when there’s no arrangement? Typically unless you’re very fortunate, these are times of chaos that is tremendous\. Like following the Roman Empire falls, or whenever you don’t have a centralized Shogun in Japan, and the Old West, when there wasn’t any authorities [on the frontier] — all those are the types of films that inspired George Lucas to make Star Wars.” —James Hibberd

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Lady and the Tramp

HOW/WHEN & WHERE TO WATCH: Streaming on Disney+

The just-launched Disney+ is about the dogs. Disney’s new streaming service includes the debut of its live-action Lady and the Tramp, based on the 1955 revived classic. Tessa Thompson and Justin Theroux voice that the star-crossed pooches, that are depicted through a combination of computer animation and two real life rescue puppies called Rose and Monte. “I met both of them right when they arrived into all our lives, and they weren’t trained in any way,” director Charlie Bean told EW when we visited the group last year. “[Now] they are incredible actors” In other words, they are very dogs that are good. —Devan Coggan

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High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

HOW/WHEN & WHERE TO WATCH: Streaming on Disney+

Series Debut
It is time to get’cha head back into the game as the curtain rises on Disney+ because with the newest streaming website comes the beginning of something new in the High School Musical franchise. High School Musical: The Musical: The String — yes, that’s the actual title — bops into the top in addition to the new streaming support. Nevertheless, the musical comedy may not be exactly what fans of the original franchise are expecting — that the 10-episode show does not adhere to the status quo or catch up with old fan-favorite characters following their big-screen alliance in 2008’s High School Musical 3: Old Year. The TV show actually follows a new generation of figures in a completely different (and decidedly more meta) universe by way of a scripted mockumentary comedy set in the real world at the high school where all of the films were filmed. When the drama instructor decides to pay homage to the films that put the high school on the map, students — a few of that are enormous fans of the films while some couldn’t care less — audition for the roles of Troy, Gabriella, and Sharpay, singing fresh versions of their now-iconic songs. “I was always thinking about the first fans whose childhood I promise I’m not trying to ruin,” showrunner Tim Federle tells EW with a laugh. “Every episode should contain Easter eggs and callbacks and references to the original whether it be with a wink to a prop which pops up onscreen or a cameo in an original cast member — which I can confirm happens, I simply can not say who or if! Nonetheless, it is a fresh start and new cast and I want to tell stories which went completely out the High School Musical universe and engage people in a new way.” —Sydney Bucksbaum

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That Is Us


Last week’s episode of This Is Us featured two uneasy dinners that delved into issues of race and class, while also taking you on Deja and Malik’s school-skipping first date. Toward careful acceptance of the couple, Beth and Randall moved From the close of the hour, while laying down some ground rules, including visits. Tonight’s installment of the NBC family humor will contain some surprises to the bunch that is emerging. “The emotional reveal for Deja at the episode of her past is something which’s likely to perform with a lot [this] week and the subsequent week,” That Is Us producer Kay Oyegun hints to EW. And what’s it like to date with Beth and Randall watching?   “Ummm… really, very, very, very, very, very, really, quite  awkward,” says Asante Blackk (Malik). “And that’s all I will say about that.” —Dan Snierson

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What ELSE to Watch

8 pm
The Conners ABC
The Voice (Top 20, eliminations) — NBC
The ResidentFox
Chopped Junior (season premiere) — Food Network

8: 30 p.m.
Bless This MessABC

9 p.m.
Arrow The CW
The Real Housewives of Orange CountyBravo
Very Ralph (Ralph Lauren documentary) — HBO

9: 30 p.m.
black-ish — ABC

10 p.m.
Dolly Parton: Here She Comes Again!  — ABC
New AmsterdamNBC
NCIS: New Orleans — CBS
Running Wild With Bear Grylls (with Joel McHale) — Nat Geo
Famously Afraid — Travel Channel

Encore! (series debut) — Disney+
Forky Asks a Question (series debut) — Disney+
The Imagineering Story (docuseries introduction ) — Disney+
Noelle (Bill Hader, Anna Kendrick movie) — Disney+
Marvel’s Hero Project (docuseries debut) — Disney+
The World According to Jeff Goldblum (docuseries debut) — Disney+
Jeff Garlin: Our Man in Chicago — Netflix
Saving Atlantis (documentary) — VOD

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