Seven hells! You can Find the’Game of Thrones’ Monopoly match on sale now

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HBO’s Game of Thrones might have finished five months ago, but the dust from Daenerys’ dragonfyre hasn’t settled yet. Having a prequel titled House of the Dragon featuring the Targaryens coming soon, fanfare round the iconic dream drama will not be dying anytime soon. While many people may still be debating the controversial closing season, one thing is sure: None of us wish to stop playing the Game of Thrones. 

Fortunately, Hasbro’s Game of Thrones Monopoly game is here to tide us over before House of the Dragon debuts. Over the years, the classic board game has collaborated with a number of popular TV shows like Rick and Morty and The Golden Girls, but there is not any pop culture monolith more primed for a Monopoly adaptation than GoT. Combining all our favourite elements from Monopoly together with all the cutthroat underpinning that drove the show, players can guarantee their allegiance and pick their tokens shaped in the sigils of the six great houses of Westeros (such as the extinct fan-favorite House Tyrell — we miss you, Lady Olenna). 

The gameplay follows traditional Monopoly principles, but possessions are re-named after famous Westerosi landmarks including Winterfell and Mereen as well as infamous locations such as Hardhome and The Twins. Monopoly money is replaced by Gold Dragon and Silver Stag coins to be given from the Master of Coin, and gamers must pay rent according to the number of Faiths an owner has one measures on other players’ properties. What is more, the cards are placed upon the Iron Throne, which also doubles as a speaker which plays GoT‘s classic theme tune by the push of a button. 

Like Ned Stark stated from the start, winter is arriving — so if you’re looking to stay warm inside this holiday season with a glass of your finest Dornish wine and a board game which will keep your friends and family on their feet, get Game of Thrones Monopoly on sale right now as part of Amazon’s Deal of the Day on Hasbro games. Other than the GoT Monopoly game, you can also find other classics like Yahtzee and Scrabble available for up to 56 percent off. Whilst you head off to war on your own Game of Thrones, all we can say is we wish you good fortune in the (board game) wars to come.

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